Next Session Starts September 21, 2021

Are you…

Tired of chasing leads that don’t turn into business deals?

Aggravated by not being in control of the sales process?

Confused about why "Features and Benefits" aren’t working?

Frustrated  by the lies buyers tell to drive you crazy?

Sick of how long it takes to get decisions from prospects?

At Growth Dynamics we understand the issues above are part of the sales game. What we also know is that you have do not have to play the game that way. If you can identify with even just one of these challenges, perhaps we should talk. Can we help you? We don’t know, but we know that our programs and processes have worked for others that have said enough is enough.


This intensive, 12-month program will help position you as a trusted consultant to customers and prospects.  You will learn to assess key behaviors and adapt your communication style to achieve efficient information gathering.  Our proven process will optimize your time and effort towards opportunities that fit your value proposition and close themselves.

Classroom Sessions: Group training where you will learn the essentials of:

  • MindsetHow you think about sales success is much more important than what you know about features and benefits of your offering.
  • Activity – Sales is a game of numbers: the variable is you and how you generate those numbers.
  • Process – A methodology to uncover and learn powerful information from your prospect regarding his real reason to buy. This includes a tool box of consistent and reliable tactics to create and maintain control of the sales call.

Weekly Email Coaching: Training sessions are reinforced with weekly email communication between participant and instructors to address individual challenges and ways to succeed.

Personal Telephone Coaching: We provide unlimited individual coaching and support of any training concept (including application to specific sales issues and situations) via phone, email or other electronic means during the program. Each participant is encouraged to schedule at least one coaching session with a coach each month.


  • Experienced sales people looking for better performance
  • New sales people who want to learn how to sell effectively
  • Smaller sales teams with one to nine members looking for a team program
  • Small business owners with sales responsibility that want a proven process
  • New hires joining organizations that already have been trained in the High-Performance Sales Program


  • 20 instructor-led webinars and open forums
  • Training Curriculum  with all program notes
  • Weekly Coaching via “Monday Morning Manager” email
  • Two personalized online assessments of yourself, providing deep insights into your strengths, behaviors, and motivators
    • “Behavior, Motivations, and Emotional Intelligence Report” from TTI, Inc.
    • “Sales Person Profile” from Objective Management Group

10% discount for two attendees

15% discount for three or more attendees

LOCATION: ONLINE. 100% remote. 


Schedule and Curriculum



“As the President of my company, I look to partner with other companies that provide me a strong return on my investment when I spend my money.  For more than 10 years, Growth Dynamics has made a positive impact on our sales efforts, and helps my team maintain margins and get our opportunities closed faster.  If you want to see your team produce more consistently I highly recommend this training program.” 

 – Kitty Evans, President, Evco Industries, a WEBNC business

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