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Talent and Sourcing with Growth Dynamics

Have you asked yourself these questions when approaching the hiring process:

  • Who is open to a conversation about a new opportunity?
  • Can this person sell?
  • Will this person fit into our team and our company?
  • What do we ask our candidate to really get to know them during their interview?
  • Does our job posting make sense to help us attract the people we want and leave everyone else out?
  • They want how much to work here?

Maybe we should talk about those questions, and any others you have, when it comes to hiring the best person for your open position.

Growth Dynamics has the tools and resources to be your partner in the hiring process. Our a-la-carte structures makes it easy to bring us in for any or all of your hiring process.

The Full Deal: 

  • Review of job description and job posting.
  • Provides custom list of individuals who for your job parameters and have indicated they are open to opportunities. All information provided for this list comes directly from you.
  • Templates for you to make introductions via LinkedIn to those on the list.
  • Support for up to 90 days of you working the list.
  • Assessment of your choice: Objective Management Group or TTI DISC and Motivators depending on the position.
  • Final interview assistance
  • Compensation consulting/negotiation assistance


  • All options above are available as individual items.
  • Prices will vary depending on what items you pick and the timeline to make it happen

Is something missing? Please ask! We can probably help you or point you in the direction of someone who can help you.



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