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Our methods deliver greatest gains where:

  • You need decisions, not discussions, demos and delays.
  • You have dedicated sales people, but they aren't fully engaged and self-motivated
  • You are unsure of the full potential of your existing sales force
  • It takes too long to on-board a new hire
  • A common set of best practices is missing
  • Selling on price instead of value seems to be our fallback position when the going gets tough


  • One-on-one coaching
    • Do you want to invest in your own success? We can work with individuals to design a tailored approach based on their needs.
  • Sales Team Coaching
    • Have a sales team or sales force that all needs to be trained? We customize plans to work within your budget and your timelines to get your sales force all on the same page. This option allows for only one company's team to be in the room. We can come to you or we have a venue, if local to West Chester, PA.
  •  High-Performance Sales Program
    • This classroom experience brings together members of different fields to learn from one another and use our curriculum to develop stronger selling processes. 
    • Classes are offered locally in West Chester, PA. 
  • Assessments
    • We work with two vendors, OMG and TTI,  to provide assessments for job bench-marking, sales force evaluation and communication styles. 



We use numerous tools to get there

Growth Dynamics delivers its sales program with group trainings, weekly emails, coaching, assessments, and other proven tools that take the guess work out of sales performance.

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