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Be Ready to Give Your Profile a Workout

Mar 21, 2019 9:35:00 AM

Come in your gym attire because you are about to get a full-day workout at our LinkedIn Worksop on April 2 from 9 am -4 pm at the West Chester University Graduate Center

OK, maybe not really, but REALLY.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and resource for so many ways of doing business and building brands, yours or for a company, but with so many features and the changes social media has taken since the site started, are you using it for all it's worth?

We've heard plenty of our clients and friends share their confusion on how to best use the social networking site. The biggest question we hear is "Where do I start?"

Honestly, we weren't 100% sure on that answer either. We use LinkedIn. We share information to our page- maybe that's how you ended up on this post- but we aren't the LinkedIn experts. Luckily, we knew where to find them. 

Enter Brynne Tillman, owner of Social Sales Link. Tillman started a company that focuses on social selling, LinkedIn networking and all of the ins, outs and tools that go with selling and networking through LinkedIn. 

If you have ever sat and looked at your LinkedIn profile and thought:

  • Is my headline correct?
  • Do I need to fill out the skills section?
  • How do I connect with that old high school friend and try to start talking business?
  • Should I pay for the PREMIUM account?
  • Is spending time on LinkedIn worth it?
  • What the heck is the social selling index?
  • Can LinkedIn help me find a new job?

Then you should join us on April 2 for our first LinkedIn Workshop with Brynne Tillman. This full-day event will help you answer many of your LinkedIn questions and build YOUR brand on the platform. Best yet, the class is interactive, bring your laptop, small, no more than 28 people, and you leave with an interactive workbook to help you remember all you have learned. 

For $300 you gain access to one of the top LinkedIn experts around, lunch and a game-plan to help you maximize the time you spend on LinkedIn. You also get to spend the day with us, what could be better?

For more information or to reserve your seat please contact Sarah Waple, 484-880-4544, or