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Fast Tip Friday: You Can't Get To Second With Two Feet On First

By Charlie Hauck on Jun 16, 2023 7:00:00 AM

Hey, this is an issue that I'm going to give a couple different applications to the core concept. Some of it might make people uncomfortable, but I've just had a lot of experience working with it, so I'll share with you pretty quickly and let you get on with the rest of your Friday before you get to enjoy the weekend.

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Fast Tip Friday: Don’t Let Conditions Determine Your Success

By Charlie Hauck on Feb 3, 2023 6:45:00 AM

We're in the middle of winter. In Philadelphia, we haven't had any snow this year, but it's been cold. Tonight, it's going to get really cold and tomorrow, it's going to be really cold. Guess what... no matter what the temperatures are, we still have got to get things done.

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Fast Tip Friday: Stop Chasing the Horizon

By Charlie Hauck on Dec 16, 2022 7:00:00 AM


There are a lot of people who are dominant, driven, perfectionist, say they're never satisfied, in some cases, they're type A personalities, but in some cases, there are also people that if everything isn't perfect, they're never going to be quite happy. This is a message to those people in particular, but I think all of us can get caught up in this game of chasing the horizon.

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