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Can You Create More Hours in Your Week?

Aug 20, 2019 9:13:31 AM

If you could create more time in your day, would you?

We know you are busy. We hear it ALL the time from nearly every client, friend and prospect. On one hand we know this makes everyone happy- being busy should mean you are doing TONS of business, right? But what if being busy means the opposite? 

Are you so busy you aren't spending time selling, or worse, not prospecting? Too much time spent at a desk working on emails, proposals or bids can take you away from collecting decisions to do business. 

We are sure you might tell us you are "too busy" for what we are about to share, but we are going to share it anyway.

Turner Time Management (TTM) is a market partner we have a  relationship with and Steve Turner's company works to help fight those feelings of being too busy. 

TTM and Growth Dynamics are partnering together to offer a time-creating class on Sept. 26 in West Chester, Pa. Turner's class teaches and guides attendees through new tips, tricks and techniques to maximize their use of technology and reclaim 3-10 (!) hours of their week from the technology time-suck. TTM Flyer-1

This class uses technologies you already have, think outlook, gmail and phones, and shares information about apps and programs that you might want to use. 

Space is limited. Cost is $249.00 per person for the four-hour class, but discounts can be given for companies sending multiple individuals. Contact Sarah Waple, 484-753-1175 or, to learn more or reserve your seat. 

For our remote readers- if you are interested in attending virtually let us know. We can work to get the program as a webinar for you!