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Charlie Vlog: 5 Points for the End of the Year

Sep 23, 2021 3:03:20 PM

When an injury causes trouble with typing, your vlog. 

Growth Dynamics President and Founder gives five tips to enter the fourth quarter and make it the best. 


Transcript of the Vlog:

Charlie Hauck
Hi, this is Charlie Hauck, President founder of Growth Dynamics. How's everybody doing out there? Today is Thursday, September 23 2021. And as I look at the calendar, I think it's time for one of my annual reminders that we're staring at the end of the year, we're only a little tiny bit more than three months away from flipping the calendar into 2022.

So I wanted to just throw some reminders out there to all of you about what to do in the fourth quarter, and how to keep your foot on the gas pedal. And take advantage of some of the momentum that I hear so many people have created. And some of the success that I've heard a lot of you have experienced this year, despite all of the backorders all of the pandemic issues, and all of the issues with getting supply chain move product when you need to move it where you need to move it. I've talked to a lot of leaders of sales organizations, and a lot of really good sales people over the last couple of months. And I'm hearing great stories of people having tremendous years, not just good years, but tremendous years. And in a lot of cases, despite all of the challenges. There are people that are having record years in sales. So let's talk about how to stay on the game. Keep it moving and finish 2021 as strong as you can do as strong as you can manage it and make 2022 another successive follow up to a great year with another great year. So a couple things I'd like to ask everybody to do.

One, don't get results lazy. Don't look at your numbers think it's it's a no brainer that you're going to hit your goal and decide you can start taking every other day off physically or mentally. Keep your foot on the gas, and go push the numbers as you can push them. Don't let the fear of but if I do that, they're just going to raise my quota for next year stop you from finding out how great you can be and find out that you can hit another high number next year, when your boss has asked for more. So keep your foot on the gas. Run hard until the end of the year. Don't let your success tell you to take a break subconsciously.

The second thing I'd like to ask you all to do is go find a whale go hunt Moby Dick in the fourth quarter. All it can do is help you go take some risks go after the biggest account you thought you'd never get and give yourself a chance. A puncher's chance to go take out a big opportunity, think strategically, but work with a little bit less Caution, be a little bit braver, more courageous and how you approach those people look at your competitions biggest account and decide you're going to take it away or at least try to take it away and give that that customer a chance to find out how much better you and your company could be at fulfilling their needs and providing them what they want. So go whale hunting in the fourth quarter, you've already got your net full, go get a whale to put on top of that, that locker full of fish that will feed you.

Third, relook at your numbers, look at where the successes came and look at where the failures happened as well. Don't be unconscious about how you did it. Look at what worked and look at what might have worked better. We never maximize our capabilities, we can always be better than the results that we produced. But to prove how good you can be, you've got to look at how to make those numbers better. How to streamline your process, be more efficient, be more effective, and more than anything be more consistent. So go into the marketplace in the fourth quarter thinking of one or two things that you can really work on to give yourself the best chance to have what might be the fourth best fourth quarter you've ever experienced. That will catapult you into outrageous success in 2022.

Item four, ask for a genuine evaluation of your performance not just from your manager, but from your customers. Go out there and don't wait until December or January when most people end up doing it. Go out and talk to your five best accounts and ask them, how do I get better? I've had a good experience with you, I think you had a good experience with me, what would make me more valuable to your organization, and take that feedback to heart and go out in the fourth quarter and use those bits of advice and more personal awareness, to improve your performance and to become even better than you are today.

And then here's my last thing that I'd like to ask you to do. Point five, take some time, and share your success with someone that may not have as much experience, or even as much success as you've just enjoyed this year. And find a way to give the value of your experience to someone that could use it. I've always believed and it comes from personal experience, the best way to learn is to teach. So take some time out and teach one of those new people on your sales team. or teach someone who's on the inside customer service team, what it is that you do and what it is that makes you successful, and transfer that knowledge. Don't be selfish with your success. I live by Emerson's law of compensation, plain and simple. The more you give, the more you get. So take the fourth quarter, give your knowledge, share your experience. And then in the same vein, give referrals to people and watch how many referrals you get back.

So that's my commentary for yours, seven days away from starting the fourth quarter. Let's go at it hard. Let's go out and strong. Let's go at it with the most energy and commitment we can have and ride the wave of success that we've created in 2021. Thanks for paying attention today. I wish you all the best for the next 97 days or whatever it is. Have a great year. Let's go make money. Take care.