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Coffee and Coaching: May 5

Apr 29, 2020 12:03:00 PM

CoffeeIt's on, but you make your own coffee

We have grown to really enjoy our Coffee and Coaching events since a class full of students suggested we hold them. 

We were also holding out hope we would be back into the world when the one slated for May 5 came around. Alas, it just isn't the case this quarter. Instead we will be offering our Coffee and Coaching session online next week (May 5, 11 am EST). We will have the coaching aspect covered, but you are on your own for a coffee. 

We are schedule for one hour of time, but can certainly stay on longer if participation shows a need.

Please register below to register for the class that is taking place on MAY 5 at 11 am EST.


We are going to limit the number  participants so the time is well spent for all. Please be sure to grab your spot now. 

For those who might be reading about Coffee and Coaching for the first time as you aren't local to West Chester, we hope you might consider joining us since you normally can't join us in person. 

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