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Fast Tip Friday: Learn to Say No!

Jul 14, 2023 7:00:00 AM



You know what we do here at Growth Dynamics!  We help people develop and create the best possible personal and professional experiences that they can have, to make their lives as rewarding as possible, to give you the power, the belief, and the support to challenge yourself and really take control of your future.

I think it was Steve Jobs that said at one point, "the best way to predict the future is to create it". I buy into that fully and that's a great idea, but what it really means is that you've got to learn a really basic premise, and that is you can't let someone else's priorities dictate whether or not you take care of yours.

So one of the most important words in the English language is so simple. It's only two letters long, but it really does give you a lot of power, despite the negative sound of it. And that word is NO. Nothing can sound more negative than no, but no is a very, very powerful tool to keep you on track, focused on your goals, and in control of the time and other assets that you're willing to utilize to achieve your goals.

Really define your success and enjoy the experience of living the life you really want to. When you say, no, it's not always no forever. It could be no, not now, it could be no, I'm not the right person, but I think there's a better opportunity. Don't let someone else trick you into thinking that you've got to be there and help them accomplish their goals before you get any more distracted from your own, take care of your own goals, nurture them, get deeply committed to them emotionally. Put the work in to discover what it takes to accomplish them. Don't believe that good things come to those who wait. That's not going to work for you. A bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush. You've got to let all those old axioms go about be patient and be polite and life will happen for you.

Yeah, it will happen for you. But it won't be the life that you want. So be committed to your own goals, your own priorities, to the people that you care for and love the most, and care for you and love you the most. That's really why we go out and do the work that we do.

We don't live to work. We want everybody to work to live. But you've got to have a powerful, compelling reason to say no and not let the priorities of others steal us from the work and the time and the effort to achieve our goals.

You are your own best advocate. Don't ever forget it. Don't ever think you're not worth it, trust it, believe in it, commit to it, live it.

Thanks for checking out this week's Fast Tip Friday. We want you to go have the best life ever. We want you to live your life, experience the success of achieving your goals, and finding out how great you can really be. Take care, everybody. Go get it.