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Fast Tip Friday: Prevail in 2024

Dec 15, 2023 7:00:00 AM


Thanks to all of you that watched and read our Fast Tip Friday’s this year, whether you started at the beginning of the year, you jumped in in the middle of the year, or someone shared it with you along the way. Thanks to your willingness to listen to my thoughts and ideas regarding personal and professional growth and development, I appreciate it.

Today, I’m in front of the door to my office and just outside the door to my office. We've actually featured the cemetery on a couple of other Fast Tip Friday versions, but here we are again today because I look out the window and there it is, pouring rain, unexpectedly…. Didn't know it was in the forecast today, which was fine for me because I'm inside my office, but my wife and my little blue tick hound, Ellie Mae, are out there on their morning walk, and frankly, I don't think they knew it was going to rain either.

So why am I sharing that with you on the last episode of Fast It Friday for 2023? Plain and simple… in 2024, the same thing is going to happen to you. You're going to be out having a great time walking the dog, making your sales calls, doing business, talking to people, growing, helping yourself make money, helping other people make money, and unexpectedly, it's going to rain on you. And you know what? You can't do anything about it.

Life and business development is a constant exercise in dealing with things you didn't expect to happen and challenging you to be your best to have reliable, consistent processes that you can trust and rely on to get you through whatever it is, whether it's a pandemic, whether it's a slower economy, whether it's that your accounts merge and you lose opportunities, whether your best customer goes out of business, whether your wife, spouse, husband, or children have illnesses, which I don't wish on anyone, whatever it is, it could happen to you. You've got to have a mindset that it's nothing more than a test, and I'm good enough to pass it with flying colors. 

I hope you had a wonderfully prosperous 2023, both on the business and the personal side. I wish you more of the same in 2024, but be ready when you least expect it. The rains are coming. You're going to get soaked. You're going to get uncomfortable. But I know you will always prevail. Be your best, live your best, enjoy life. Happy 2024. Take care, everybody.