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Fast Tip Friday: The Power of Good Music

Mar 3, 2023 6:45:00 AM

Look, business development is hard, it's really hard. Some days, frankly, we have so much going on, it's not just that you get a new client, but you've got to service new client. You've got to keep them happy. You've got to keep them believing that what you told them you could do, you're actually going to do, and they're going to be happy to pay you, they're going to be happy to refer you, they're going to be clear, and concise that you know what, there were other options, but I chose you, and I'm glad I did.

I just think back over my 40 year sales career, because actually, I started doing this long before I was doing this, I did it as a kid. I try to think of what are the things that motivate me and keep me amped up, and engaged, and excited about doing it, when I'm not at the best of my game. I reached into my extensive record collection, and I started to realize that a lot of times, the right music helps me send the right message, with the right amount of energy.

I know when I've got a big opportunity, and I've got to be my best, and I don't want to be tired, or rundown, or distracted, I want to have that edge, that sometimes the day to day BS that we all have to put on can kind of dull, I get in my truck or in my car, on my way to a client, and I play some kickass rock and roll music to get my energy up, to get me remembering the good times where I may have been listening to this record, or this song in particular, and something great happened in my life.

So I make a memory reference to the best, most successful, most powerful moments in my life. I use that energy and enthusiasm to go into my next call and be my best, and feel like a winner. I get ready and believing that I'm going to get done what has to get done.

So my advice to you, get together and make yourself a playlist. Put together a list of songs that make you remember happy, successful, energized, believable, unbeatable, ready to kick butt and take names. Make sure you have it somewhere in your vehicle or by your phone, so when you have to prep to make those calls, hit the playlist, get your head right, get your edge on and make things happen.

That's it! A little motivation, with a little bit of music, can go a long way to helping you make some money in 2023. Thanks for your time and attention. Have a great weekend and get ready to rock and roll next Monday. Take care.