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Fast Tip Friday: Understand Behavioral Styles

Oct 14, 2022 6:45:00 AM



Hey, how is everybody out there? Thanks for tuning in to Fast Tip Friday from Growth Dynamics, this is Charlie Hauck. I've been running into a lot of conversations recently with my clients and some other people that I do business with and it's centered around this idea of understanding people. I think it's great that everybody has product knowledge and understands how their widgets work or how their services can be offered, and where the value proposition might be discovered by someone you're trying to have a business conversation with. But I want to get you to think about approaching it from a little different perspective at the beginning, instead of thinking about why you should have done it at the end of the call, and that goes with behavioral styles. I'm a huge proponent, in fact, Growth Dynamics won't work with anybody, if you don't commit to understanding DISC behavior and how the four traits of DISC can be in concert or in conflict.

I just want to get you to think about this, if you're a high D, you're going to be a real challenge for some high S'. If you're a high I, you're going to be a difficult match for a high C or a high compliance. So D is dominant, I is influencer, steady relator is the S and the C is the compliant, and they're not all the same.

One of the things that we find is, we meet people that will tell you that a great meeting with someone or the conversation started on track and went sideways, or they just could never get in a rhythm in a conversation with someone they really needed to talk to, maybe even someone on their own team. That's where I'd like to get you to think about "is the style I'm using the most appropriate to work with the style of the person I'm speaking to". If you're trying to sell everyone, as if you're selling to yourself, you're probably going to disrupt a fair number of people that are real good potential opportunities for you. So my advice to everyone is to is to think of this phrase, and I may not get it exactly correct, but I think I can get it close enough to make the point. "If I sell to your head, meaning if I give you the right information, and I show you some knowledge, I'll make a connection with you. But if I sell to your heart, I'll do more than make a connection with you. I'll make you feel validated. And important".
So data and information connects to the head, style and the willingness to accommodate or adapt to someone else's style, really makes a connection on a personal level to that person's heart. That they feel that you feel the same way about things as they do, that you will communicate the same way they do, and you'll understand the way and the challenges in their communication model. So data and information has value, but data and information shared in the style of the person that you think needs to find the value in it, will always prove more effective.

So get out of the content, get into the style. Make your selling more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable for everybody involved. Let your ego go. Don't be afraid to change to be more effective. That's the way of professional business development, not amateur pitching. Thanks for your time. Think about the other person. Go make money. Have a great weekend. Take care.