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Fast Tip Friday: Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

Feb 17, 2023 6:30:00 AM

I was thinking about 2022, and where we are in 2023, and I really started to reflect on what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and this is the part I really want to talk about today, who was with me when it happened. 

As I was processing this, getting ready to do this little video, I really wanted to ask you all to consider who you're doing things with.  Who are the people in your life that that add to your success, that care about your success, that contribute to your success, and in some ways, they invest in your success? As I did that, I was thinking about this guy that owns the gym that I go to. His name is Devin Gage, here in West Chester, PA. 

Devin Gage is this ball of kinetic energy that just has an amazing belief that you can accomplish virtually anything in your life. What Devin does to help him reinforce and rebuild that belief and make it come true, is surround himself with all kinds of people that are thought leaders, that are best in class at what they do, that don't just sit for the status quo and accept it as that, so that's the way it's got to be. Devin just consumes information, knowledge, guidance and application and help from any resource that he can find that he believes will help him, not just to Gage Strength Training, but in every aspect of his life. Perhaps what Devin does best of all, and it's a long list, and this isn't an homage to Devin, this just the best example I can think of right now. Devin shares his knowledge, his beliefs, and his commitment to anyone that's willing to listen to him. 

We all have challenges, we all have risks, and we all have opportunities, and we all have a desire to maybe not work less, but to still work but get more. Go find yourself a bunch of Devin's in your life. 
Go find people that will listen to you, and challenge you, and push you to rethink the things you think are unchangeable. New ideas from new people with new perspectives are really where the best new ideas turn into the best results.

Once again, find yourself and Devin Gage, and if you need me to help you, if you need me to be one of them, if you need me to help you figure out how to ask somebody for one, get in touch with me and Growth Dynamics. I'm more than happy to be one of those first resources to help you grow, personally and professionally, so that you can take that and share it with other people as well as in your personal and professional lives. 

Thanks for letting me push you in this direction. Go make money to pay for the best life you've ever had. Take care.