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Podcast: Giving Thanks

Nov 23, 2020 6:45:00 AM

WreathThis week Growth Dynamics is taking a break from our usual Monday Morning Manager format and just sending a message of thanks to all of you.


2020 has been a year of totally unexpected challenges for everyone, and we are so grateful to all our clients and business relationships that have contributed to the success we have enjoyed this year. Your patience and flexibility in dealing with the changes to totally remote training has been astounding. Thanks for allowing us the time to find our way with scheduling and content that needed to be revamped to accommodate the Covid driven changes. We cannot thank you enough for the efforts on your part. We promise to grow and develop more remote friendly material and ideas as we move into 2021.

Thanks for the trust you shared with us as we all learned to navigate business in the reality that was created earlier this year. For many of you the “new way” is not easy, but thanks for giving us the time to provide some support as you worked to succeed despite the discomfort. We can all hope for a reversion back to what we knew, but I am sure we can all get things done if we continue to work together and not let the new world overwhelm and defeat us. Your efforts to adapt encouraged me to do the same as I gave up my airplane rides and hotel nights for a home-based operation. Thanks for proving to me it can be done and done successfully.

Thanks for sharing the personal stories along the way this year. I do not know that I ever had as many chats about life with so many clients and business relationships. Getting to know so many of you as people is one of the most rewarding parts of 2020. You have reinforced my belief that if we all deal with the person first, the business will be so much easier. Despite the interruptions that may have occurred I am grateful for the chance to see kids and pets show up unexpectedly in so many ZOOM meetings. We all may have learned that life does go on no matter what time of day it is and who is on the screen.

Finally, I hope you can all appreciate the time we were gifted to spend with our families this year. I want to go back to life as we knew it in 2019, but I am so thankful for the time that is available to spend with my family. With some work and social activities curtailed, we all seem to be engaged with each other and enjoying it more lately. In the end, I work to be able to spend time with those I love doing the things we love to do together. This year has been wonderful as far as that goes. One of benefit of the additional time available is that I can focus on health and fitness. How can we not be grateful for the opportunity to feel better about ourselves?

In short, thanks to all of you that read this. You have all contributed to so many reasons for me to be grateful this year and excited about the future. This week, can you just drop Sarah and me a note about what you are most thankful for as we jump headfirst into the 2020 holiday season?