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Podcast: STOP Making Sales Calls

Apr 29, 2024 7:00:00 AM


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You just realized that you sell a commodity, and all that feature and benefit propaganda the Research and Development specialists fed you sounds exactly like the competitor’s features and benefits. Now you must find a way to re-invent yourself so that you are not just another “me, too” person trying to schedule a sales call here, there, and everywhere. The more you dial and ask to schedule that sales call the less agreeable people seem to be. You share some quick hitters about your “proprietary applications” and still you feel left out and frustrated. What does it take to get decision makers to want to put you on their calendar?


Sales is hard, and despite how unique your company tells you the products are, everything is now a commodity. And that makes you susceptible to the challenge described above. Your approach must be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors, but since you sell and they sell, what can you do that is different? If you are stuck in the belief that you are selling products and services, you may be hard pressed to figure it out before you start hating your job. 


The solution is one of word choice and belief that you cannot survive in the sales world unless you have the lowest price or a guaranteed better deliverable. As quickly as your mind will allow it, stop making sales calls. That term creates more problems that opportunities for you to succeed. In the minds of many decision makers salespeople just waste time and do not bring much value. And salespeople make sales calls. Change your tact and ask to have business conversations with your targets. Business suggests you understand making money, value, and how companies succeed with their customers. Business is not features and benefits, it is profit and growth, and when it is all said and done that is how you become most valuable to your customers and market partners. 

Critical Thinking: 

What are your overall feelings on today’s MMM situation? How have you made sure you stand out against your competition? 

The Drill:

Final Thought for the Morning:

"Continuous personal and professional development is your key to the future." - Brian Tracy

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