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Podcast: We Are Talking About Your Worth

Mar 20, 2022 8:55:08 PM

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Sarah Waple
Good Sunday night's slash Monday morning. I thought we'd get this one out a little early tonight because we have a very special guest. This topic comes after I've been following a few hashtags on LinkedIn, a couple of different blogs from some of our preferred vendors. And some I've just happened to see. And it's all about value and worth what a buzzword that's happening right now, especially as people talk about the great resignation, and all the different hiring things that are going on in the workplace right now. So, I hope you enjoy this very special edition. And if you do, let us know. So we can do them a little more often. Now, without further ado, here we go.

Charlie Hauck
Hey, good afternoon, and good evening to all the Growth Dynamics clients out there, hey, it's a Sunday here where I am, it's about quarter to seven in the evening. I've had a really nice weekend at home, got a lot of work done, got a lot of things organized. And one of the other things that happened is my wife got all of our information and record keeping together for our accountant to do our taxes. And as I was thinking about that, and helping her where I was asked to help, I started kind of considering something that I think is an important idea for all of us to consider as we move into the second, third and fourth quarters of 2022.

My My question is simply this, what are you worth? And and so where does that idea come from? And why am I asking you about it?

I'm thinking about it in a couple different areas, and then a couple different levels of complexity. What are you worth at one level, and probably the one that we tend to spend the least amount of time on is, what are we worth as a as a net worth? So what is your what has your work and your effort and your energy created for you as far as your personal wealth and security financially? And how does that bode for your future at 66, almost 67, I'm 66 and a half actually, I've been thinking a lot about my net worth and how I'm prepared to walk away from this business at some point and spend my time doing only what I want to do because I can afford to do only what I want to do. And I admit I didn't think about it a lot earlier in my life, I just thought about going to work, working hard, and not really thinking a whole lot about my future. And honestly, I think I paid the price for it. So I'd like to give all of you a reminder to sit down with your family, your spouse at least, and get together with a financial planner, or someone that can help you really take a look at what your net worth is and how to build the net worth you want to have. So when you get to be my age, you'll have the opportunity to stand up, turn the lights off and walk out the door of whatever office you're working in, or whatever business you're you're part of at that point.

Now I'm not saying you have to, but I want you to have the ability to do it if you'd like to. So that's one thing. The second thing that I want you to think about relative to your personal worth is what is your time worth? So one of the things that we lose track of is, what are we really doing with our time? Is our time burning money? Or is it making us money. And that's something again, that I don't think enough of us spend a whole lot of conscious thought thinking about relative to what our time is producing. And those of us that are in business development, or those of us that have a job that requires us to go out and make something valuable happened with our time, probably need to think more and more about what we're doing with the hours that we choose to spend working every day. Now some of you get paid X amount of dollars for X amount of hours. I think that's wonderful if it works for your life, but then I know a whole bunch of you out there in the Growth Dynamics community. You get paid more for your hour if you do more with that hour. I love a life of being compensated for the effort and the results that I put into the work that I do. And so with that as a thought that I carry around a lot. I'm always thinking about am I doing the things that are most valid valuable to me and my clients. And so sometimes that's not insane. But I think the first thing we've got to do is decide how much is an hour of my time worth? And how do I justify what that worth is? So I think as you think about it first level, what's your net worth? Second Level? What's an hour of your time worth? And what are you doing to build the worth of your time? How are you producing value with the people that rely on you to make their businesses better, whether it's your boss or your employer, or it's the people that you're selling to? And so I think it's really important that we consider what's an hour of your time worth? And how do you make that time of great investment for you and the people that you share that hour with, and then the last one that I want you to really consider.

And this one's tough for a lot of you to hear. A lot of you have still not decided that sales is a noble profession, instead of a job where your self worth is determined by the people that you call on or the people that you're trying to do business with. So when you stop and think about it, not just the amount of money that you make in an hour, but how do you behave? And how do you let people treat you with the time and effort and energy that you expend to help them. I know one of the things that goes on is doing taking samples to people writing proposals for people doing demos for people, or running around like hysterical people reacting to every email, or voicemail or phone call that makes it sound like you can't have a plan of your own, to generate your own success, that we're only as valuable as the customer allows us to be.

So I'd really like you to take moving out of this first quarter where I hope everybody's had a lot of success, and really asked you to change your attitude about what you're worth, can you stand up to the marketplace? Can you stand up to the customers and feel strong enough? To say, No, I can't help you. But that's not No, I don't want to help you know, I can help you now or No, I need to let someone else at our company help you. Or no, I don't do that work without knowing what happens next. And I find so many people that I meet in training, have a belief that the customer's always right. And therefore, to do business with with them, we always have to concede to their whim and wimzie about what and how we do things with our time. And what we're allowed to do relative to making our priorities, our primary priorities.

So once again, let me wrap this up, take some time, it's the end of the first quarter, it's a great time to look at your last year, and and really sit down and talk about what's your personal net worth? And what are you doing to build net worth year after year after year? Are you just working one year at a time? Or are you investing year after year after year to increase your network? Secondly, what are you doing with the hours that you're supposed to be using in pay time? Are you making them worth as much as they can be to work for you and your long term success? And are you making them as valuable? And I mean, true value, not servant value to your customers? Are you making yourself really valuable? Do your customers believe you're worth more? And they want to spend time with someone who's worth more?

And then lastly, what are you allowing people to tell you to do with the time you spend at work or the time you spend delivering your your services and goods? Are you willing to believe that your goals and your aspirations should really be your first priority and not subject to the whim and hysterical requests of the people that think the customer is always right. So thanks for letting me share some Sunday afternoon thoughts. Hope you've all had a great weekend. Spring is here today. Let spring into a great future with the next 90 days. Go out and have a lot of fun. Go out there and do what success means in your business and build your worth on all three of those levels. Thanks and have a great day.

You know the rest of the drill: how did your goals go last week and what are they this week?