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Positive Moment: May the Fourth Be with You

May 4, 2020 9:12:51 PM

starwarsI apologize right off the bat for jumping on the Star Wars date connection here. Those movies have been a true modern phenomenon, but I am not one of the ardent faithful of the series. Today it just seems an easy connection to take that play on words and tie it into this 7-week ritual. Again, sorry…

May the force of your convictions serve you well and lead you to prosperity you desire. May the force of nature also bring you the renewal of a late arriving, but arriving nonetheless, Spring. May the force of your courage help you manage the difficult decisions facing you in this new, uncertain world, and may you feel stronger each time you make one of those decisions. May the force of your commitment support you as you work in a new and unfamiliar location with less than desirable surroundings. May the force of your faith bring you the power to maintain your belief in what is good about mankind and this world. May the force of your sensitivity allow you to see the other side as different and not assuredly wrong or dangerous. May the force of your talent carry you to the results you strive for day after day. May the force of your spirit be seen as valuable and supportive by others in their time of need and despair. May the force of your generosity offer hope to someone when they feel that everything has turned against them. May the force of your good sense guide you when others are telling you that what you see is not what is actually there in front of you.

And finally, May the Fourth be with you many, many times again in the future!