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Positive Moment: Rest and Recovery

May 1, 2020 10:48:04 AM

rain sun

Yesterday the East Coast was battered by a huge wind and rain event. Starting about noon here outside of Philadelphia, the weather turned violent. Winds blew in excess of 50 miles an hour, throwing porch furniture and anything unsecured across the landscape. Soon after that started the rains came in buckets. It was the proverbial cats and dogs type of rain with sheets of water blasting my windows at my office and at home later. Inevitably when this happens, we lose power. The family was forced to call for take-out dinner and there was no TV to watch and the internet disappeared. You would have thought it was like 1990 or something!

 At first the feeling of aggravation hit everyone in the house, but one by one we found a way to cope with the inconvenience of “camping” indoors; stranded without power or connectivity, but safe from the elements. My gift decision was to take advantage of the situation was to do what I seem to not do enough lately, sleep. By 7:45 I was under the covers in an effort to capture every minute I could in a comatose state. Curtains pulled to banish the last shards of daylight, no TV on to engage me. I just curled up and dozed off. In short, it was wonderful.

This morning I feel as refreshed as I have felt in weeks if not months. My body is whispering thank you to my brain for the brilliant decision to disconnect and my brain is replying to my body with a thank you for accepting the offer. It is like a deep sigh of “aaaahhhhh” has washed over me. Once again what first appeared to be a negative turned into an unexpected opportunity to win some valuable silence and serenity. I promise to remember this the next time Mother Nature makes a rude house call.