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Podcast: The Struggle is Real

Sep 6, 2022 6:45:00 AM


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Kyle loves selling. He also loves the company he works for and the products and lines he represents. His cup is filled by going to work every day and sharing with his prospects, suspects, and clients about what is new at in his professional world. With so much positivity, Kyle does well for himself, and his managers are pleased with his production. So, what’s the problem here? Kyle absolutely hates silence in his conversation with his contacts. In an effort to eliminate silence and awkward pauses or moments, Kyle tries to solve his client’s problems himself. He does not allow them to struggle, and he has yet to master the art of a perfectly placed sales professional’s stall, pause or moment of silence to allow them to feel their own pain.  


Kyle could be struggling with two things. First, our money would be that Kyle needs to better understand his DISC profile and how that can help him be more successful and how his style could also hold him back a bit. Second, Kyle might have also been told he is a "natural born salesperson" and thinks that means he must constantly sell.  


First, Kyle needs to take a strong look at his DISC profile. In this case, we are going to say Kyle has a DOMINANT (used to be HIGH) I. What do we know about dominant I profiles? I stands for INFLUENCER and those with a dominant I are talkative, social, eager to please and enthusiastic. Influencers want you to be excited about what they are saying to you. That, at times, can turn into too much talking and filling the gaps or even over-promising. Kyle needs to practice his listening skills, slow down his sales process and make sure he understands how his DISC traits relate to other styles.  

 Second, Kyle thinks being a “natural born salesperson” means he must do ALL of the talking ALL of the time. That’s what salespeople do right? Sell and sell hard. Truth is, that’s not what sales professionals do at all.  

Third, not to drive this one home, but Kyle really needs to nail down his sales process and evaluate what has made him success and identify where he has missed the mark. Being honest with oneself is a key to working to get better.  

Did Kyle do as strong of a job in discovery as he could or did he rush the prospect to answer?  Did he answer for the prospect or maybe jump on the first thing the prospect mentioned and ran with that? His enthusiasm for his work can impact his process and then impact sales.  

Critical Thinking: 

Have you pulled your DISC profile out lately and reviewed your style and how your style relates to other styles? What is one area of your style that you know has helped you to be successful and what is one area that has caused you some trouble?  If you don’t have a DISC profile, please reach out so we can discuss getting you one.  

The Drill: 

"If people want to pigeonhole you, then just view it as an opportunity to prove them wrong and show that you are different to what they think you are" - Gordon Gee

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