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True Story: Sharing Your Goals Are Important

Dec 3, 2019 1:25:50 PM


Here is a very true, as in it happened yesterday, story on why everyone should share their goals with others. You just never know how someone else can  help you accomplish your goals. 

My nephew was asked to keep a writing journal at home because his teacher thinks he needs to write more. He brought this journal to my house on Saturday and I learned that in his journal he wrote down a list of people he would like to meet. This nephew is 8 years old. I had no idea who might be on that list but here is his list:

  1. The Property Brothers
  2. Chip and Joanna Gaines (are we seeing a theme of HGTV here?)
  3. The Wild Kratts- Brothers Chris and Martin
  4. Cyril Chauquet (host of Chasing Monsters)

Now, we all had a fun laugh about the very random and unexpected names on his list. He made this list without thinking about how, when or if the goal was obtainable. He simply wrote his goals down and that was it. He was kind enough to share his list with us. 

Cue Cyber Monday emails. My husband was sent an email from one of the theater houses in Philadelphia and wouldn't you know the Wild Kratts are ON TOUR this spring. This simple email sent my sister, my nephew's mom, into an hours long quest to find the right VIP Meet & Greet tickets for him. This goal will now be made into a reality come the spring- but don't tell as they are a surprise for his birthday. 

Had he not taken the time to note down a few goals and share these goals with us that email offering a discount on tickets would have been sent to the trash folder after a quick glance. 

What lessoned have you learned with this fun story? First, your goals are yours and yours alone. Don't let anyone tell you one way or another that they are not right, can't be accomplished or too far out of touch. Second, share your goals. You have no idea what those around you experience or who they are connected with. 

Lucky for you we are hosting a Dream Board night on Dec. 11. At this free, family-friendly event we will have all the materials for you to create a visual display of your goals for 2020. Hang your Dream Board up when you take it home so others can see it and ask you about your goals. For more information on our event please give our events page a review. 


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