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Mar 28, 2019 10:00:00 AM

We are looking to fill a sales position that is sales and nothing but sales.

You read that right, the job description is that simple: just sell. There won’t be any customer service duties, no piles of paperwork, no call reports, no endless sales meetings and no micromanaging.

Here is what we require: PLAN, PROSPECT, SELL, CLOSE, COLLECT YOUR PAY. If you think you can follow that formula you might want to talk to us about this position.

The perfect candidate understands how to operate without management directing you every day and understands that sales success requires a relentless commitment to prospecting and believes your pay should based on your performance, not the hours you log.

Still interested? This is a commission comp opportunity that has an unlimited top end for the right person that just likes to hunt and kill and get paid for it. Sales at its most fundamental.

This position is not for you if you require leads to find prospects, need direction about where to go to make calls, want a sales manager to do your closing, expect a big draw or base to keep you in the game, don’t operate with a sense of urgency or need a well known brand to represent.

We are a small business development company that is looking to grow in the Philadelphia metro area. We will offer this position to a decisive, goal driven self-starter. We won’t offer this job that don’t pass our sales skills assessment and cannot prove to be an effective communicator.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to: