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What does change cost you?

Dec 27, 2018 11:07:00 AM

Change comes in many form- planned change, unexpected change, easy change and hard change. We all know those who roll with the punches and can work with change and those who are the most resistant to any type of change.

One of the biggest changes that can impact any business is a change in personnel.  Retirements, relocation and re-evaluations of current team members can all lead to the need for change.

Plenty of clients and prospects have shared just how overwhelming the hunt for the best talent can be. Ad placements, sorting through stacks of resumes, asking the right interview questions and finally negotiating a compensation plan all take time and money.

All in a hope that the best candidate was hired.

Have you ever really sat down to think about just how much time and money finding a new team member can be?

You are in luck because our partners at TTI have developed a plug and play worksheet for you to SEE how much finding the right talent can cost you.  Give it a test drive and see what the cost of hiring an employee can be. 

Did you have any idea on the amount of money a bad hire can cost you? If you are worried about making your next hire, contact us at Growth Dynamics. We can't promise we can help you or we will be a good fit to work together, but we can share how we have helped our clients with their hiring processes. 


Photo by from Pexels