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4 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Hallmark Holiday Movies

Dec 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

From our partner TTI:

As soon as November comes around, it’s almost as if there is an alarm going off in everyone’s head that the holiday season is finally here. It could also be because Hallmark has been advertising for its famous holiday movie marathons as soon as the seasons start to change. 

There’s one thing Hallmark does really well with their movies that can guarantee us getting into the spirit — the characters developing genuine human connections with each other. But there’s also a little something else they can teach us about business that some of us could have forgotten over the year. 


1. Opportunity Is Around Every Corner

Have you ever been so heads-down on a project that you completely miss out on what’s going on around you? You’re not the only one. Sometimes getting into the groove at your desk is exactly what you need to get things done. But, those blinders are sometimes what gets in the way of us finding, or doing, something even better. 

Take Miss Christmas for instance. In this film, the entire movie focuses on our hero trying to convince a family to allow her to cut down their beloved tree and take it into the city for the tree lighting. She’s so focused on this tree that she glosses over potential connections. But, once she opens her eyes, or takes those blinders off, she sees an even better opportunity. Bring the tree lighting to the tree.

Is there anything that’s touched your radar that could use a second look?


2. You Can Find Help in the Most Unlikely Places

Have you ever had to work with someone that you just know you butt-heads with? We’re firm believers that there is a better way to look at those differences, and you can check that out here. But, doesn’t working with someone with a different mindset or skillset gives you an awesome chance to learn something new, and look at things a little bit differently? It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

In Double Holiday the two main characters are not only vastly different and planning the company holiday party together, but they are also competing for the same promotion. Even though they are forced to work together, they use it as an opportunity to learn about each other’s holidays, since our female hero celebrates Hanukkah. They’re an unlikely pair, but find ways to work together to make an awesome event for their team. 

Can you think of someone that may be different from you to collaborate with?


3. Stay Grateful 

If you’re successful, chances are there was someone somewhere down the line that helped you get there. For that matter, there may even be someone you’ve helped become successful. 

Expressing gratitude and thanks to the people that got you where you are, be it a teacher in middle school, or that first boss that gave you a shot is good for spreading holiday cheer. Not to mention, knowing they affected you so deeply could also do the same for them. 

If you need a little inspiration, Write Before Christmas, features a girl that uses Christmas as an excuse to write notes to the people that impacted her life. That’s a great way to be People First. 

Who could you express some gratitude to this holiday season?


4. Remember, It’s About Connecting with People

Do you remember why you started your business? Was it to help companies hire the right people so that they could support organizational growth? Perhaps your passion was helping organizations develop and coach their leaders. Sometimes, over the course of the year, we can forget our “why”. If there’s one thing Hallmark holiday movies can really teach us, it’s that it always comes back to that human connection, or in our words, People First.

For example, in Christmas Under the Stars we meet Nick, a career focused man that realizes he’s been missing out on the people connection, turns out helping others is his passion. Does that sounds like you, too?

What’s your favorite part about connecting with people?

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