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Advice From Our Trainer: What's One Thing You Can Do?

Dec 19, 2019 3:07:57 PM

WorkoutToday the gym Charlie and I are members of sent out an email titled "The one thing you can do to enhance your workout." I dove in and quickly realized Coach Jeff's advice for in the gym transfers so effortlessly outside of the gym. 

Jeff, who attends our High-Performance Sales Program, highlighted the thought that to get the best out of our physical workouts we need to be mentally prepared and on point every time we enter the gym. 

No kidding, right? Duh. I promise this is going somewhere. 

But what Jeff did was asked each of us to SLOW DOWN and focus on one area of each exercise the next time we come in. Focus on head position, think about each muscle group we are using and remember that sled sprints are SPRINTS not jogs. 

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in completing an exercise, both in the gym and out, that we forget to take note of the important pieces of each exercise. 

How can you translate the exercise of slowing down into your everyday life? Our business lives and personal lives demand us to be mentally "in the game" all the time but this can be difficult, especially this time of year. 

New students to our trainings want to jump into everything they learn right away. While we are always happy to hear this, we need to remind them to SLOW DOWN and work on becoming confident in small changes before tackling large ones.   

Here are a few suggestions on where to SLOW DOWN:

  • When setting up meetings with your clients are you naming the meetings so all parties know the goals of the meetings? Save a wasted meeting by arriving only to find out nothing will be accomplished. 
  • Put it on your calendar- if it's on the calendar you have time for it. If you try to mash a day's worth of work into two hours you will not be successful. This works for both business and personal tasks. 
  • Review your DISC profile and try to ID the profile of those around you. Taking a few minutes to review behavior styles can help with communication and expectations. 
  • Be sure to ask "What happens next" in business and personal conversations before heading for the door. 
  • Focus on one area, question or step in the sales process until you realize it happens without much thought. Will you focus on disqualifying leads, using the discovery card, applying N-O-T more often or maybe asking for referrals?

Let us know how you plan to stay mentally focused and get more done by slowing down. 

Not sure what your DISC profile is? Connect with Sarah,, to learn more about taking a DISC assessment.