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Bad Company Reviews

Feb 5, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Ferris WheelWe just read an article from about hiring and online company reviews. says that nearly 55% of job seekers abandon a job application if they read negative company reviews. In the current market where job seekers seem to have control of the market, it is important that all good candidates make it to you and you make the right hire when the time comes. 

The bad reviews got me thinking- how many of those bad reviews could have been avoided if a bad hire wasn't made? 

Here are a few ideas on how to make sure the hire you are making is the right one:

  • Use assessments with your candidates. We are partners with TTI and OMG and think every hire should take an assessment of some sort before being offered a position. Our assessment options help hiring managers learn a little more about the candidate that might otherwise not come to the top of the conversation. Assessments can help find out if candidates will mesh well with existing employees or maybe if they are true sales pros or they just think they are true sales pros. 
  • Post a true job description. Don't let new hires be shocked by what the job is once they start. Be truthful with expectations, hours, pay and total earning potential. If a company is less than honest about the job description, what else might the company be less than honest about?
  • Don't hire just to hire. We hear clients talking about the absolute need to fill a seat. Trying to make a bad hire into a good hire usually won't work. Hires that are forced into a role won't remain happy long and might be the ones to leave you a disgruntled review. 
  • There is more cost to bad hires than simply bad reviews on Glassdoor and other sites. Use this calculator to factor the cost of your next hire. 

If any of this makes sense to you or you are looking to get started with making your next hire, reach out to us. We'd love to hear about your process and share a little bit about ours.


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