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Business as Unusual: Fear and anger, the most intense and motivating of all our emotions.

Mar 27, 2020 10:40:11 AM

Encouraging emotions at work | RangeIf you haven’t spent some time over the last few weeks feeling those emotions, you must be some sort of alien. I admit that in these hours when I’m sitting in my new office (bedroom overstuffed chair) there are moments when fear and anger creep from my subconscious mind to full awareness as I consider what this pandemic is doing to my life, my business, my future and my entire world. I suspect you’ve experienced the same thing, at least I hope you have.

Those thoughts are not necessarily negative despite the general connotation of fear and anger. No, they are not pleasant words, but they are motivating, compelling us to take action. I don’t like the present reality, but fear and anger force me to make decisions about how I deal with all this. There are choices that I must make with regards to my daily actions and how I want to survive these challenges. There are choices to make about what kind of business success I want to create when we return to life as it was a month or so ago. Fear and anger force me to face the facts, not just succumb to the emotions that might paralyze me or lead me to think that things are hopeless.

You were created with a full range of emotions, and it is perfectly natural to experience and express all of them. Ignoring them is unrealistic but allowing them to determine your fate is irresponsible. Believe in yourself and your power to experience those feelings as motivating not dictating, trust yourself to manage them and make the right decisions as you navigate your way through the facts of our world condition and celebrate your success daily as you survive another day and move closer to better times. Fear and anger are natural, but so is your ability to deal with this in a positive manner.

Reaching out to someone to share your thoughts and emotions can help you navigate all your are feeling. I'm no professional, but able to be an ear for you to talk to about business or personal. Please reach out if needed.