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Business as Unusual: The More You Give

Mar 26, 2020 1:16:26 PM

Image result for maslowSelf-preservation is a strong motivator, particularly when the environment seems to be less safe and accommodating. As Maslow indicates in his Hierarchy of Needs, the Physiological is the most basic. At our core we are creatures that want our personal needs met before thinking about the needs of others. When we find ourselves threatened our instincts are to look out for number one first and foremost from both a logical and emotional perspective.

Today I am asking that we all resist the urge to be totally self-absorbed as we deal with the ongoing self-isolation and social distancing conditions. Take some time to reach out to your current customers and past relationships and ask what you can do for them. Talk to them about the challenges and what impact they have felt from the coronavirus pandemic and look for opportunities to connect them to others that might be able to offer them a solution or new opportunity. Don’t worry about results happening right away, trust that the karmic forces in the world will balance the scales over the long haul. Invest in others and let that effort create a magnet for good things to be attracted to you.

I was talking to a client whose business has been severely impacted by the shelter in place conditions that are now in place. He was struggling to process an order for an overseas client because of the freight charges and dealing with the shipping regulations that might have impacted his ability to service this client. By looking out for him I was able to make an introduction to someone from an entirely different part of my life that ships to Europe regularly through the port of New York. I don’t know if I found the solution, but I do know that there is at least a possibility that these two new acquaintances may have benefited from my efforts. All I can do is make the connection and let them figure it out.

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Remember Emerson’s Law of Compensation: the more you give the more you get. Focus on giving, resist the urge to be self-focused and trust that the world will find a way to give to you.