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Daily Positivity: We want to get back to work, until then...

Apr 21, 2020 8:37:33 AM

State of Family Togetherness in Indian Family BusinessesLike you and most everyone else in this country, I want to be back to work. Not this work from home sort of working stuff, but the real work of full days on the calendar and the sense of not having enough time to get done what needs to be done. I miss the frantic moments of traveling from city to city by planes, trains, and automobiles. I trust it is coming back and business will rebound for all of us. At least that is my best desire for all.

Until then I want to ask that we all share the gift of our undivided attention be shared with each other. The lack of rushing from one appointment to the next gives us all permission to be truly there when we are connecting with others. Nothing reinforces a relationship like nurturing, and few things nurture like true listening and caring about what the other person is sharing. You can turn off the noise of your sub conscious mind telling you to hurry up, we got to go, next, next, next and pay attention and engage with someone. Active listening is a skill that can be developed and used to enhance your effectiveness in all you do. Listening with genuine interest can be just what someone wants from you to help them through this tough stretch of isolation and anxiety.

Without the constant need to think about where to be or who to call next give those around you the gift of your presence. Give them the feeling that they matter and that you know they matter. This pandemic is a challenge for us all but find those moments to connect to another human being and be there totally. It is the easiest present you can give to someone.