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Positive Moment: Local Gems

Apr 23, 2020 3:42:53 PM

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OK, the days are all running together, and frankly I am struggling to get a real sense of momentum in much of anything lately. No, this is not a plea to open up businesses all over and let everyone out of their houses. We will get there, and I am on board with slower rather than faster on those decisions. I am just getting a case of cabin fever at this point. My attempt to remedy the situation was to get outside and tramp in the woods and weeds at Stroud Preserve, a local gem of a park.

The medicine hit the spot, and I came back and got into some work that needed attention, got some calls made and just felt generally more productive. Then I started to think about all the places there are to walk and commune with nature and get away from the lock down Image may contain: bird and outdoorblues. Here in suburban Philadelphia there are plenty of places to bike, hike and generally enjoy the outdoors without creating a social distancing problem. We have been fortunate that our local leaders and philanthropists possess enough foresight to protect and create accessibility to our natural resources. Our parks (township, state and national) are all available for people to enjoy,  and Natural Lands Trust (a locally based organization that works to set aside and manage vast amounts of open space) manages an enormous amounts of acreage that are open to the public. There are miles of trails to enjoy on foot or on a mountain or road bike.

My bet is that any of us can find a place to get away and forget about the challenges of today’s virus reality and the impact it has had on all aspects of our lives. I found I just need to decide to get up and go, not sit here and stagnate. My 90 minutes enjoying Mother Nature provided me rejuvenation and a respite from the Ground Hog Day feelings that had taken over. The next time you feel yourself needing a lift make the effort to find your local open space and refresh yourself. You are worth it and probably need it.