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Don’t Be That Guy

Jan 24, 2019 3:51:13 PM

Don’t Be That Guy.

Maybe you know this person.

Hopefully, you aren’t this person.

We all know the salesperson that just pops in because they were “in the neighborhood” and thought they would say hi. Many of you may have come across these types of salespeople in the last few months. It seems that extremely valuable time between Thanksgiving and the start of the new year tend to bring the “drop by” guys out of the woodwork.

Sometimes they bring you lovely gifts of cookies, candies and calendars. The three basic staples in “that guy” salesperson’s bag of tricks.

But, Charlie and Sarah, why is being “that guy” such a bad thing? Who hates treats and gifts?

To be honest, we don’t think many people HATE treats and gifts. Now you be honest, are you simply dropping off treats and gifts or do you have even the smallest expectation of something in return for that unannounced visit?

Let’s talk about why being “that guy” isn’t so good for you:

  1. There are no social calls in selling. End of story. Go ahead and try to change our minds. We are happy to discuss. We encourage you to use your time in a more constructive way.
  2. If there are no social calls in selling, what type of meeting is a “that guy” meeting falling into? What are your goals if you are being “that guy? Remember the Growth Dynamics advice of NAMING THE MEETING.
  3. How much do you love to have your day interrupted by a drop-in salesperson? You aren’t prepared to meet with them, you have no idea why they are coming into the office and if they want to sit down with you, without any plan of a conversation and how much time do they want? If you don’t like those drop-ins, why would you want to go out and be “that guy”?
  4. Are you dropping something off because you are on the bus*? Is this how “that guy” calls a Hail Mary pass to get off the bus?
  5. Delivery service. As a salesperson, if you want to give cookies, candy and calendars go ahead! Have them delivered with a nice note.

But, what about prospecting calls?

Let’s call this a loophole. If you are looking for a way in to a new client- a prospect- chasing that golden goose if you will- then maybe taking something in to help your cause with the gate keeper isn’t a bad idea. You can ask for help, but don’t go too fast and ask to meet right then with a decision maker. Work to set an appointment so you aren’t interrupting someone’s day.

How can we help you to change your behavior and make your calls more efficient and effective?

*If you don’t know what it means to be ON THE BUS, perhaps we should talk.