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Fast Tip Friday: Act As If

Aug 18, 2023 7:00:00 AM

Hey, everybody, Charlie Hauck, Growth Dynamics, president, trainer, all that kind of good stuff. You know, we all look for validation one way or another. Somehow, some way, we like to see that the things we're thinking, other people are thinking, and in my business, I love to find out that I'm aligned with some of the great business minds that are out there, the people that kind of lead the way on performance.

I've been traveling a lot lately, and I'm zipping through the airport in Detroit, and there at the bookstore is a rack with 15 to 20 of Harvard Business Review's “Ten Must Reads”. There's ten articles in here, this one was about mental toughness. So I'm like, “that'll do for a plane ride or two.” So I grabbed it and I'm like, “I’ve got to read one right away.”

So I get up and I start going through it and the chapter that I looked at was The Making of a Corporate Athlete. So there's my world right there, athletics. I've coached athletics, done a lot of playing, still involved somehow, some way with athletic performance, and so I'm reading it and they talk about the things you have to have to be successful as a corporate athlete.

It’s really great stuff. I highly recommend this one, but they talk about getting people's mindset right, getting people to see the world through a different perspective, to have the capacity to adapt to the moment, to get done what you need to get done. And for any of you that have spent any time with me in training and possibly watching these crazy little Friday videos, you all know that this is my anchor, this is my thing.

“Act as if” goes with me everywhere! I don't take it off. I've got bags of them so I can hand them out or replace them. I love the power of act as if, and so I'm gobbling up this story from Harvard Business Review. It says right here that they try to get people to have that mental toughness, that ability to step into a moment, execute what has to get done, and there it is right there on page 64, inside The Making of a Corporate Athlete chapter, the greatest business minds in the world, possibly, at the Harvard Business Review, are telling everyone that one trait that everybody's got to have to succeed is the power at the right time for the right reasons to be able to act as if.

Now, I don't know if they stole it from me, but let's just say I stole it from them. I don't know. I don't care where you get it, how you got it, when you do it. Everybody knows you’ve got to have that power at the moment that you need it. The power to be who you need to be. Think the way you need to think. Ask what you need to ask. Walk away when you need to walk away. You’ve got to have the gift of knowing how to act as if to get where you want to go. Live the life you want to live. Harvard Business Review tells you. I tell you. Go out and do it. It'll make a difference.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Charlie Hauck, Growth dynamics, act as if.