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Fast Tip Friday: Always Sell With One Hand on the Doorknob

Jul 1, 2022 6:45:00 AM


Good afternoon, welcome to another fast tip for Friday. Today's topic is one where it's the end of the week, I hope everybody's had some success prospecting. I hope someone has advanced the opportunities in their pipeline to the point where you can expect to collect a decision on the next call, you've done enough fact finding, you've done enough discovery or diagnostic interview and work and now you're at that step in the process where it's either time to fish or cut bait, or we're gonna get a yes or no, but either way, we're going home for a decision.

And one of the phrases that we like to give to our the people that we train is, it's one, you've got to stop and think about a little bit as well as some of the other things that I've shared with you. It's simply this, always sell with one hand on the doorknob. Now, what's that mean? And why is that important to you, when you're out there trying to make some money.

First and foremost, you've got to believe there's never one sale that will make or break your year or your career. So if you're not afraid to walk out the door, you're probably going to be walking up the door of a bus, and getting put in a seat for a really long bus ride. So selling with one hand on the doorknob is our way of referencing. It's always okay to say this deal isn't right for me and I've got to go. Plus, when you think all the negotiations are done, and you've got to give up more than you ever wanted to give up. The willingness to walk away can change the dynamics of who has the power in that decision process. I've had experiences working with salespeople all around the country, and in all kinds of businesses and there are so many people that have shared with me, Charlie, I was so stuck until I left. And once I left, everything changed, once I was proving to them that I was willing to walk away and they couldn't control the offer that they expected me to give them the dynamic of who was in control shifted entirely to the salesperson side.

So rather than be stuck, or be confused on what can I do to close these people, I want you to think of the power of No, or the power of saying thanks, but no thanks, I just don't think we can do business. And put your hand on that doorknob and say, it's over. I'm going to get out of your way so you can find the right opportunity for you. The emotional strength it gives to you, and the sense of commitment and belief that it shows you have to the person that's trying to wear you down and take advantage of you; you'll never feel a more powerful moment in your sales career. So whenever you're stuck, just stop for a moment and think, what would I do? What would I say if I had one hand on the doorknob, and I was willing to walk away from this opportunity. I can't make people buy but they can't make me stop prospecting. Walk away and go prospect another day.

Thanks again for your time and attention today. Make your time as valuable as you can make it don't chase deals that aren't meant to be. Always sell with one hand on the doorknob. Thanks again. Have a great day. Have a great weekend. Let's all go make money next week.