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Fast Tip Friday: Back to School Season

Aug 25, 2023 7:00:00 AM

Hey, it's that time of year again. If you've got any conscious time on this planet, it seems we've all gone through this sort of fifth season that seems to be part of our lives. In fact, I think it's become so much a part of our lives, we don't even recognize it as a season, but I'll challenge that. I think back to school is a season!

It's a whole new mindset. It's a fresh approach, it's a new beginning. It's making new friends, moving on from old friends. Maybe you've relocated and you had to go to a new school as a fifth grader, when you thought you were going to be there with your best buds, and it didn't happen. Back to school is also relevant in business. We ought to go back to school and take a real hard look at our numbers and really figure out what do we need to learn about our business through the examination of our numbers and the trends that they're trying to make apparent so that we know how to modify our behavior, change our approach to our business development process, have more discipline with some accounts, and less engagement with others.

So I like back to school in the business arena as a way to be most of the way through the third quarter on the calendar, but use that time to set up for the most powerful fourth quarter. Make back to school the time where you really stop and catch your breath, turn off the phone and the email for a day, look at your numbers, and do the right kind of business planning to close your year as powerfully as possible and to really get ready to launch yourself into 2024 with the best momentum, the best plan, and the best set of expected actions that you can have to make that next year, the best year you've ever had. Don't wait until December. Don't wait until your bosses say, “go out and do a year-end review with our clients.” Take back to school season, and take a look at those 12-month numbers from last September to this September, if that's the timeline you want to use, or August 15 to August 15, and look at year-over-year results. Look at the trends that are there. Look at the numbers, but also look between the numbers and learn what you need to be doing better, be more committed to, be less committed to, and where you need to grow your personal power and strength so that you can really have the best type of performance moving forward that you could ever expect.

Back to school is a great time to remind us all there's never a time not to be learning. There is never a time not to look at what you're doing and gather the most success from it, but also the most experience from it. That's my message for this week. All you people that have little kids that are going back, I'm glad I'm not shopping with you!

That's out of my life and I'm not sad about it. Take care, everybody. Have a great Friday and a great weekend. Growth Dynamics is out.

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