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Fast Tip Friday: Effective Communication

Jun 28, 2024 7:00:00 AM

This is a topic I can talk about and share information or thoughts about all day. We can do a Fast Tip Friday, a Fast Tip Saturday, a Fast Tip Sunday, if I just got on a roll… but I promise to keep it short.

Here we are today talking about communication and that's a 1 million foot deep hole a million miles wide. But we're gonna focus on this one idea. 

Are you sure that the other person heard what you said the way you intended for them to hear it?

Communication isn't just talking to someone and then walking away believing that they got your message the way you intended.

What I want to remind you all is you better make sure you check all the boxes, ask all the right questions about are we on the same page? Did we both hear what we wanted to hear? Did we both agree to the next steps? Are we both in sync on the timeline of those next steps? Do we both know what the mutually acceptable commitment is that we made to each other?

You've got to be willing to ask more questions at the end of the process than most people are typically willing to do. It can be the make or break discipline or practice that will keep you from being way excited and equally way disappointed when you think you heard “we're definitely gonna do this deal with you” and they're saying “we're definitely thinking about doing this deal with you”, you're gonna be the one that's gonna be more predictably successful.

If you'll ask people to repeat back just to make sure you're not confused, “can I ask you to tell me what you think we agreed to, when it's gonna happen, and who's gonna do what between now and then? Don't let your fear of people saying “I thought we had that all figured out.” 

Don't be afraid to ask the toughest question at the most important moment, which is before you walk out the door. Communication not equally understood, equally committed to, is not effective communication… it's more an indicator of a willingness not to do the extra that takes you from good to great to even outrageously successful.

It's the little minutes, the little moments, and the big questions that make all the difference. Tighten up your communication. Eliminate your frustration. Enjoy more business Celebration. Have a great Friday!