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Podcast: 2024 Mid-Year Review

Jul 1, 2024 7:10:00 AM


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I don't know if you realize this... This week happens to be the mid point of 2024. If you're anything like me, you have no idea where the last few months have gone between everything happening with work being great, home life being great, kids, sports being great, it's easy to have those days flip off the calendar one day at a time, and all of those single days have certainly added up to the first six months of 2024.

So in typical fashion, first we need to ask, how are you doing? Where are you standing in the goals you set back at the end of 2023 or the start of 2024 are you on track for them? Have you realized maybe your goals were too easy and you've already surpassed them, and now we need to help you get new, stronger goals to get through the end of 2024? Maybe your goals were a little bit of a stretch, and we need to reevaluate and have conversations with those around us that are going to be impacted by our goals, and are we going to hit them, or are we not?

So the theme of this whole message this week, and it comes to you because of the wonderful team at Simmons Media, that is helping to produce all of our stuff, because I got a text message that said, "Hey, can you come in and record a halfway point Monday morning, manager, we know you always have one, and it's time to do it." I truthfully had no idea, but here we are. So the message for this mid year check in for our Monday Morning Manager crowd is, have you been asking for help or letting people assist you to get to where you want to be?  Without Matt Simmons and the team at Simmons Media, our videos would look terrible. You wouldn't have had an updated mid year check in Monday Morning Manager, because I would have forgotten. It's something that I have removed from my calendar, from my headspace, as I turn everything over to the team at Simmons Media, they check in when we need new materials, and they're just here to help us get to where we want to be with our goals and what our social media is doing and how we're using all of our different platforms to get our messages out to you, dear listeners and dear readers. So as you sit down, and truly we challenge you to sit down, break out those goals that you wrote down that are probably shoved in the back of a drawer at the front of a notebook that you've paged halfway through to fill in all your notes this year, sit down, pull those goals out, whether they're your professional goals or your personal goals. Maybe you had a health and fitness journey goal that you were working on. Pull them out, lay them in front of you and ask yourself, are you doing all you can do to stay on track, to hit those goals?

It is so easy for us to fall off track, not because we're not committed, but because a lot of roadblocks get put in front of us that stop us from being able to continue on the path we want to with little resistance. Sometimes it's that resistance that is just enough to force us off our path and start a new one. Maybe that's okay. Maybe it's time for you to find a new path and set new goals and chart the rest of your year. Maybe we have to admit to ourselves that we are off our path, and it's time to right that wrong and get right back to where we need to be. Which brings me to the second half of all of this asking for help.

 We talk about this regularly, whether it is with your prospects and you ask them to tell you what they need, ask them to show you what's important, give you all of the decision making factors. If you can do it with them, you should do it with yourself. Ask for help as you look at your goals and you need to know where you want to be, what's missing. Do you have people selling for you? Have you let people know the products you are looking to sell, to bring to market, to be able to hit better margins on with certain products, let people know who you're looking for?

For me, we need to do a better job at Growth Dynamics of sharing the types of clients we're looking for. I'm going to say right now, I love using DISC and everything that brings to individuals, teams, partnerships, whatever that is. So I'd love for some more DISC clients. How many more people can we help to understand their own communication and behavior style and send them out into the world with an easier job, knowing it's not that people don't like you, you might just be communicating differently, or why do you click with some people and not others? The answers are all right there in DISC profiles. So that's what I'm going to leave you with for the next half of the year. I want more DISC clients at Growth Dynamics. I love that work. It's fun, it's energizing. It is what makes me happy to be part of this team.

So what do you need help with for the last part of this year? Is it sales? Is it hitting your goals? Is it finding new clients or customers? Is it personal? Could you be looking to plan a vacation and you don't know where to go, you need a referral to dinner, a great place for a special occasion? It could be anything... you're looking to find a good nutrition coach, a good personal trainer, whether that's in your hometown or online, don't be afraid to use your network to find anything you need, because the more that you give, and the more that you help people reach their goals, the more that you're going to get in return. So as you are sitting down, hopefully, while you're listening to this, you know where your goal list is, what you're looking at, and you know exactly what you're going to do when you get that list out. You're going to go through your goals. You're going to figure out if you're on track, off track, and we're going to rechart that course to get us to the end of the year as strong as possible. The team at Growth Dynamics is here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out. Let us know where you are. Where are you excelling, where are you struggling? How can we help you? If you're an active client, you know, you get coaching with us. Fill our calendars! Let us help you to be the most productive you can be in the next six months of 2024 so at the end of 2024 we are looking at goals for 2025, that our goals you didn't think you even had a shot of getting to because you thought 2024 was going to be a stretch. Well, it's not. Let's do the work now. Let's tighten our seat belts, buckle down whatever else we want to say about getting locked in, and do it.

So your homework is as always, what are the three things that you set your mind to last week. What were the goals you let us know about? Did you accomplish them? How did you accomplish them? 
And this week, in addition to your normal weekly goals of what you want to do this week, and how can we help you send us your three other goals, the ones for the end of the year, whether that's hitting goals, whether you're going to add some new things with giving yourself more personal time, spending more time with friends and family, getting back on a healthy journey. We all know that's important, but it's easy to forget or easy to let go of.

So how are you going to finish the rest of 2024 strong? Let us know!
How you do did last week?
What are you doing this week?
What does the rest of your 2024 look like?

So that's what you get from me, Sarah Waple, in this mid year, check in with your Monday Morning Manager. Now go out there and make this week the best week yet.