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Fast Tip Friday: Focus on Face to Face

Nov 10, 2023 7:00:00 AM

I know the pandemic disrupted all of our lives and all of our businesses. I know that COVID is still out there. I'm not going to have a political conversation with anybody about it. It's there. It will come back a little bit stronger this winter, but we're not going to go through another pandemic.

I really think that there's an impact that the pandemic had on all of us, and that some people have not dealt with it efficiently and effectively, or with enough courage, so I just wanted to take some time to do this Fast Tip Friday and remind you that face to face, whenever possible, is always better than remote interaction.

Email is efficient. You can send a message. You don't have to wait for an answer all the time. Leaving a voicemail. You can say, Hey, call me back. I have some I want to talk to you about. You can try to do a sales call on Zoom or teams or whatever platform your company works on. But for my money, this is the time and place to go back out there and close out 2023 with a face to face interaction with the customers and the relationships in your territory or marketplace that you really want to reinforce your care, your commitment, and keeping the relationship on the right level.

So, as much as it's easy to stand behind our screens and type our emails, and send 50 of them a day, and think that we're getting things done for my money, the best time spent is the time when your face to face, you can look somebody in the eye, you can shake his or her hand and say, “Thank you for doing business with us.”

I'm looking forward to a prosperous next year. I appreciate your commitment. We want to make the same commitment to you. So set yourself up to close the fourth quarter with face to face interaction. Don't mail it in, Don't email it in. Don't call it in. Go out and say hello. Take the time. Make the effort. Grow your business. That's the Fast tip Friday. Don't do it in an email.

Take care, everybody. Have a great weekend.