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Fast Tip Friday: Outlook Creates Outcomes

Nov 4, 2022 6:45:00 AM


Hey, welcome back, it's Charlie Hauck, President, CEO, and head trainer at Growth Dynamics. Here is another one of our Friday Fast Tips. Today we have a quick lesson on business development execution.

It's Fall, it's beautiful, my favorite time of the year. Up here in central Mid-Atlantic area outside of Philadelphia, the sky is crystal clear outside right now. It's absolutely gorgeous. The leaves have changed, the temperatures dropping, I just feel great when this weather comes around. But I really can't stress enough that your outlook, the weather that you see, well your outlook creates your outcomes in a lot of cases. If you're a "there's a cloud in every picture, every blue sky is just what happens before the rain starts" or you just happen to see problems where there might not be any, it's your attitude that's really affecting your effectiveness. I really wanted to just spend a quick conversation with you and share some thoughts about how your outlook actually creates your outcomes.

First and foremost, your perception is reality. If your perception is "it's a lousy day", well frankly, why would you want to go to work and spend your time putting effort and energy in if it's just going to be a lousy day with disappointment and aggravation and frustration? If your perception is that, your reality will be that, and you will find the bumps in the road, the potholes and the problems, and you're not going to be very effective or useful when you're trying to interact and help someone else grow their business.

The second thing is, there's a lot of self fulfilling prophecies out there. I want to share one that I used to live with. I traveled extensively for about 16-17 years and because I'm here in Philadelphia, I was intimately involved with it was US Airways for a long time, and then became American Airways. The self fulfilling prophecy that, frankly drove me crazy, and I'm sure it drove a lot of airline employees crazy is, I was going to have a problem every time I went to Philadelphia International Airport. And guess what? If I went there looking for a problem expecting a problem, I could always find one. And it made a significant part of my life miserable, just because I had to prove that they were going to have lousy customer service. I made a conscious decision at one point to basically fall in love with US Airways. And immediately, my interaction with them and their care for me changed dramatically. I got upgraded, my luggage always showed up on time, they always had a way to make me feel like, you know what they care about me today. So the first person that had to change was Charlie Hauck, not American Airlines or US Airways. So the self-fulfilling prophecy is your choice, be it good or be it bad, but you've got to own it.

The third thing that I think that's real critical is, we have to fake it till we make it. I found on days that I just decide no matter what's on my plate, no matter what kind of interaction, or what kind of challenges are scheduled in my life, if I can just fake it long enough thinking that this is going to be positive, this interaction is going to be rewarding and beneficial to me and the other person, before I knew it, I was having that attitude and that outlook about everything for the balance of the day. When I gave in and allowed myself to see the negative in everything, it seemed like it snowballed, and it ran me over and it was all powered by my own negative energy.

If you're gonna fake it, fake it on the good, make it on the good and be in complete control of the attitude and the experience that you're going to have.

Lastly, the decision is yours and yours alone. I never want to give anybody the power to dictate how I feel about myself or what's about to happen to me. It's always my choice and one of the hardest things that we have to do to succeed in life is to take ownership and self responsibility for the way we choose to interact and engage with other people. It is always your decision. It's your responsibility to do it. It's just the right way to look at life.

So remember, your outlook creates your outcomes. Get your perception right and create the reality that you want. Make sure the self fulfilling prophecies that you have are positive and energized. Fake it till you make it and give in. Don't fight it. Allow yourself to fake the positive. Don't just give into the negative and the decision is always yours.

You've got to own it and the more you own it, the more powerful the more capable, the more successful you'll be. Thanks again for tuning in to another Fast Tip Friday. Have a great day. Have a great moment in business development today somewhere and go make some money.