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Fast Tip Friday: Steak vs Hotdogs

May 20, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Do you prefer hotdogs or steak? I bet you said steak.

In this episode of Fast Tip Friday, Charlie talks about the analogy of Steak and Hotdogs to encourage your sales efforts.

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Hey, here's your Growth Dynamics blog. Today's topic is steak vs hot dogs. Pretty simple, pretty to the point, let's get right to it. Hey, I've got a client is a great guy prospects does his work, right? Does his prospecting work, right? But frankly, he's getting a little blown away by all the failure he's experiencing. He's not tough enough, he needs to be tougher. And so after having a session with him in one of our training programs, I signed off by telling them, hey, look, here's what you've got to do. I need to know if you're angry enough at the results you're not seeing despite how hard you're working. So I gave him this remedy. And at first, he kinda looked at me a little side eye, but then he laughed and said, he understood the message. I told him to go home and right in the center of his freezer, in his kitchen, right at eye level, put a pack of hot dogs in there. And he was like, What do you mean? I said, Hey, man, I need you to decide if you're aggravated enough. And you're willing to change that every time you open the freezer, and you see that pack of hot dogs, you're gonna think you know what I should be eating steak. And if I don't make the right changes, do the right things, ask the right questions, commit to collecting and getting people to commit to decisions. It's going to be more hot dogs than I ever thought I'd eat at this point in my life. So I don't know what you need to compel you to do the things that are uncomfortable. That would make a significant impact on your sales success. But if you got to go buy yourself a pack of hot dogs to remind you how much you need to eat steak, go to the store right now and put them where you'll see them and wake up every day and say I ain't eatin those things because I'm buying steak this week. Go out there and sell like your life depends upon it. Have a great day. Go make money. Take care.