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Fast Tip Friday: Use SMARTS Goals to Win in 2023

Jan 6, 2023 6:45:00 AM

Hey, everybody, this is the fast tip Friday for New Year's week. I really want to throw something out to all of you. I'm going to put myself at risk as I do it. So typically you see me in a collared shirt, trying to look professional, I know it's a stretch sometimes, and I'm sure some of you have, have seen the same shirt and a lot of these videos, but I put this shirt on for a reason, I put it on to show you that I'm fat.

I really hate being one of those talking heads that doesn't take or abide by their own medicine or advice, so I put this shirt on so you can see who I really am, and I really want to pass this message on to all of you. 

Every one of you has probably heard about SMART goals and how important goals are and setting goals, and how they've gotta meet this smart criteria. Well, I want to say something to all of you, setting goals is the easy part of it. Nobody should struggle with setting goals. Just what do you want to do? Make a goal. The hard part is achieving goals. That's where I think the SMART goal acronym falls a little short, in really being as effective as it could be.

Now, quick review goals need to be S specific, M measurable, A attainable, R realistic, and T timebound. In this case, I want to talk about losing weight. I want to lose 15 pounds, that is specific, it is measurable, it is attainable, it's realistic to do it, and I want to do it by January 30th. So, it's time bound. But I just gave you what's missing in the SMART goal acronym. It's another S. So a real, powerful goal, SMARTS. That is spoken!  Too often, people create SMART goals. They do great work to use that acronym to specific measurable, attainable, realistic, timebound, but they don't share it with anybody. Which means, if they fail, nobody knows. There's no personal pressure, there's no "Hey, you told us you were going to". So in effect, a SMART goal, in a lot of cases, is no more powerful than one of those drunken New Year's resolutions that you have when you go to the party and you forget about with the hangover, the next morning.

I am telling you, I want to lose 15 pounds. Not I want to, I WILL by 1/30/2023. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. At 67 years old, it's hard as hell to get those pounds off the midsection, but I need the commitment, and the pressure, and the willingness to share my struggles and my personal commitments with all of you that have trusted to listen to me.

Please, as you get through your idea of your personal goals, your business goals, add the last S, put it out there. Get a team of support people behind you and have systems and processes that will keep you on track for the SMARTS of the goal setting you want to do to make 2023 so awesome. Take care. Thanks for listening. I dare you!