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Managing Expectations: Not just a sales tactic!

Feb 7, 2019 10:19:00 AM

I just read the post below on my LinkedIn feed and thought it was worth sharing with everyone. The excitement of the promotion obviously gets some people too excited to ask, “wait a minute, what your telling me is I get a new business card, more responsibility but no bump in pay?” Sounds awesome doesn’t it? 

Promotions with no raise increasing 
Getting promoted without additional compensation is becoming increasingly common and workers have to choose whether or not to accept the offer. According to CNBC, you should accept only after agreeing with your manager as to when you will be discussing compensation increases in the future. And if there's no pay involved, ask for other potential benefits like extra days off. If that all fails, it may be time to look for opportunities elsewhere.

The advice in the article is spot on; get the specifics fully agreed upon before accepting the position. Just like in the sales process, you must know what happens next, when it is going to happen and any possible reason why it might not happen. If the other party can’t or won’t answer those questions the opportunity is disqualified, and you should move on to the next prospect. 

Growth Dynamics approaches the market place as a Sales Development Specialist, but at the core of our process is the fundamental of managing efficient and effective communication of all kinds in all kinds of circumstances. 

 Photo by Samson Creative. on Unsplash