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Moment of Positivity: Funky Friday Edition

Apr 17, 2020 3:01:08 PM

You made it to Friday! Did you know it was Friday or are you down to three days of the week: yesterday, today and tomorrow like we are in the Waple house? Do weekends even matter anymore?

Either way, you did it. You have not just survived another week of remote working, but we are betting you did a pretty great job. It is important to reflect on what’s going on around us and realize that nothing like this has ever happened before and just isn’t a completely normal way to work and live.

Maybe you had trouble this week. That is ok and expected from time to time and rather expected. Take a few minutes and try to figure out what might have derailed your efforts and how you can pivot and adjust to try and keep it from happening again.

What can you do at the end of this week to set you up to be successful for next week? Put the work in today so you can feel wonderful on Monday.

Now for the Funky Friday part- as you read this plan to finish out your week with something you haven’t been doing lately. Maybe get dressed into nice (r) clothing and have a fancy meal. Have a picnic to change up your habits. Call someone who would least expect your phone call today- a long lost client, competitor, former co-worker, friend or family member. Turn on some tunes and have a dance party. Find some victory, no matter how small or large, and celebrate!

There are TONS of serious stories showing up in our lives. It is very easy to get sucked into the seriousness of it all. Remember you can only control yourself and how you react to the conditions around you. Enjoy the little things and keep your spirits up. Things will get better with time and we are all in this together.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are needing some help. Now is not the time to power through on your own.

Now, if you need a little something to help kick of your weekend, or maybe your last conference call of the day, check out this fun conference call BINGO card that I was sent in an email by one of our local dining establishments.