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Positive Moment:Creativity Erupts

Apr 16, 2020 1:53:23 PM

A few months ago, I made a very deliberate decision to avoid contributing any negative or political commentary on social media. There are plenty of folks there that express opinions like mine, so me not adding the conversation is not causing anyone to be short on agreement or disagreement to fuel their personal agendas. Plus, I just do not matter that much in the bigger scheme of things going on in the world. The current affairs have certainly given me plenty of opportunities to break my silence, but still I resist joining the fray. As a reward I have found myself being very open to the amazing creativity people have shared as ways of coping with the Coronavirus pandemic and its influence on our day to day living.

Facebook LiveThe posts of music are generally my favorite. Live music of any kind attracts my attention, and there have been some stunning performances online from professionals as well as amateurs that just want to express themselves and offer a ray of sunshine to us all. The photo images come in as a close second. My dominant communication modality is visual, and the posts of sunsets, people in all kinds of emotional display, children and celebrations are like small gifts to be opened each day. And there is enough humor there to make the most afraid and concerned among us to crack a smile. I cannot imagine where people come up with some of these ideas for rewriting song lyrics, recreating famous paintings and generally hysterical satire. You all make my sheltering in place much more tolerable. These are things that keep many of us from getting sucked into the black hole of misery that is around the corner, down the street or in our homes, and I for one can’t say thanks enough to each of you that posts these for us all to share. As long as you keep doing that, I promise to stay on my pledge to keep anything I post positive and apolitical.