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Moment of Positivity: Musings from the Hot Tub

Apr 3, 2020 9:39:11 AM

Sleep has been a challenge over the last few weeks. I go to bed too early or don’t get enough exercise as I shelter in place. I can’t figure it out, but I know I keep waking up way earlier than I need or want to lately. The best place for me to deal with this insomnia is in our hot tub, gazing into the darkness of early morning of the brightening of a new day.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Patty Hauck and Charlie Hauck, people smiling, pool and swimming
Back when we could get together, the grands, Patty and I enjoyed time together. This photo is about 6 years old. 

This morning was one of those mornings where sleep ended around 3:30, and I headed out to the solace of the warm water and crisp spring breezes. All of my senses were all engaged as I could smell the pine tree that overhangs the hot tub, my honey-sweetened tea refreshed me, the bells from ArcoSanti (Scottsdale AZ mementos) chimed in the wind melodically and the 194 degree water soothed my soul. Visually the night sky was gorgeous, cloudless and clear exposing a million stars overhead. And that is what got me thinking…

There above me perfectly framed above me by the boughs of the tall tress in our yard was the Big Dipper. I admit I never learned much more astronomy than where and when to spot the most familiar of the constellations, and this morning it could not have been more obvious. As I stared at this iconic formation, I found myself asking of the dipper was ladling in goodness or if for some reason the goodness was being scooped out of the world. Am I being replenished or emptied of my resources to make it through another day of pandemic induced exile from the rest of the world? The choice is mine every morning, will I see this as a sign of progress or pain? I decided right away that progress was the message I had to find in those stars.

About 20 minutes into my soak another omen flew across my view of the Big Dipper. A commercial jet heading towards Philadelphia International Airport sped by at low altitude. Having spent the last 20 years flying across the country at all hours of the day I know this was a red eye flight from a west coast city. That first flight was followed by four more over the next 30 minutes, each with their lights blinking heading eastward to Philadelphia. Those five planes gave me hope despite knowing that they may have all be less than half full of passengers. That hope comes from realizing that people are still out there working and believing the world hasn’t stopped and we aren’t giving in to this invisible enemy. For some reason someone, or 50 others, needed to fly somewhere to get something done or to get back to the people they love. Despite the corona virus threat, they were out there traveling for business or personal reasons and they weren’t going to be stopped. That gives me hope and one more reason to soldier on until the pandemic is defeated.

I just wanted to relax this morning, but I got so much more. I got rejuvenated and reinvigorated.