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Pandemic Lesson: Be Willing To Change

Jan 11, 2022 10:18:17 AM

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There are so many lessons that have been taught to us, learned by us and in some cases, forced upon us.  

I'm not sure what category this change from us falls into, but we are here for it! 

The change for us is once again re-tooling our High-Performance Sales Program. When Covid hit we moved from the classroom to a virtual setting- like so many other areas of our lives. Next, we had to revisit some topics we had removed years before- telephone sales and some others- and work them back in to fit the current selling styles and then, remove them since the world opened back up. 

Now, we are condensing our 12-month program down to 6-months of virtual classes plus 6-months of individual coaching and additional lessons prerecorded for students to watch as their schedule allows. We know the virtual fatigue it out there and very real. We don't want to contribute to that if we can help it. 

Our most popular and important topics will be presented live while some of the one-off topics will be recorded. We have added more DISC selling training, mid-session check-in and review, refined and updated staple topics. Even more, we now offer a use-friendly and editable updated class booklet in PDF and online class portal for all class materials. 

Our next session starts on Feb. 16 and completes on Aug. 17. Contact us today to reserve your spot or learn more about the program. 

6 month HPSP Flyer