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Pivoting: High-Performance Sales Online

May 31, 2020 10:24:47 PM

Just like many out there, Growth Dynamics has been impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

How we pivot and react to the conditions is what will certainly play a role in our success moving forward. 

For us, that means making changes to one of our most loved programs, our in-person High-Performance Sales Program. This program is typically offered locally in West Chester, PA, over the course of 12 months. The next session was slated to start in June at our prefered venue. Obviously, in-person meetings are off the calendar and we aren't sure if our prefered venue will be opening in the fall. 

Instead of scrapping or rescheduling the session we are taking it remote. Now, sales professionals from all over the country and enroll in our program. 

No matter your sales experience no one has experienced anything like we are now. If you are worried about how the pandemic could impact your sales process, concerned with your ability to collect decisions efficiently, unsure if you should enroll, we should talk. We know our process works for many, but might not be a fit for all. 

The program will start on June 17. Sessions are 120-90 minutes and take place every two weeks. Materials will be shared electronically and, as always, unlimited coaching is included in enrollment of the program. 

For more information on the class and pricing please contact Sarah Waple or Charlie Hauck. 


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