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Podcast: A Special 2022 Start

Jan 3, 2022 6:45:00 AM



This Is Your Year

Phew, another trip around the sun has come and gone, and now 2022 is staring us all right in the face. No one blame you if you feel like Bill Murry in “Ground Hog Day” as 2021 was 2020 with more of the same stuff with repeating scenes that you could predict happening since you had lived it all before. Well, if you do not make some conscious decisions about 2022 the movie might not be over for you.

Our hope for you is that the “predictability” of the past year provides you the opportunity to make 2022 your year instead of another year controlled by virus surges, supply chain disruptions and limited accessibility to customers. At this point you should have all this stuff figured out, and if you are committed to success no matter what, you can make the right decisions to turn 2022 into your best year ever.

First, set some serious goals for yourself. Do not just throw out a number and think you set a goal though. Setting goals requires some effort including analysis of your past performance. Where did you shine, what took you off your game, when did your commitment drop, how did you overcome obstacles and challenges? All that stuff is valuable for deciding how to not let 2022 happen to you. Put that big goal up there and then break it down into quarters that are much more manageable than a 365-day target. Make sure your goals are not just business or sales outcomes. Reward and live the best life you can in 2022 because of that business success. Set some personal goals that inspire you to keep going when it feels like things are stacked against you.

Second, plan your attack on those goals. Break down the work you must do into 30,000-foot action items. Your plan is your road map to the Emerald City on your 2022 journey. A plan can be flexible and may require some re-routing, but do not leave home without one. Commit to that work, track it and watch your year unfold before your eyes.

Third, think strategically about the approach you need to execute that plan. Find a way to be more accountable, commit to a schedule not a life of reactions, believe in an abundance of opportunities, give up being a victim to things that seem to be directed at you and you alone, reward the activity and trust the results will appear. Take risks because the world is not stagnant and there will be nothing more predictable than the need to risk and change.

Lastly, sharpen your sales or management skills so you can achieve more in less time, with less stress and more profitably. Trust the power of NO and how it gives you control of any conversation you need to control. Review your performance and develop a tactical plan to improve at least one part of your game every 90 days. The skills required to be your best professionally will not develop by accident. Commit to going to the gym, improving your health, sleeping more, eating better and making yourself as strong as you can because the road in front of all of us is not going to be easy.

This is your year, not because you say it is, but because you will do everything required to make it your year. No one can stop you unless you give them the power to do so. Get your attitude aligned with your goals, and stay laser focused on the path to achieve those goals. You are powerful and valuable! Jump out of the starting gate and make January to first month of a greatest year ever!

Be sure to send us your DRILL:

1. How did last week's goals go?
2. What are your top 3 goals (personal/professional) this week and what Growth Dynamics tactics will you use accomplish them?

BONUS: What are your 2022 goals?