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Podcast: Thirsty For More?

Dec 20, 2021 6:45:00 AM

Longwood 2021



Hayden and Jackson are up to their eyeballs in holiday drop-ins, last minute orders, tracking PO’s and closing all outstanding business for the year. It has been a long 18 months of changes in where they worked from, how they conducted business, what felt like endless messages of bad news like price increases, lack of product and supply chain issues.

They could see the end of the year, but they don’t know how to get there. There just feels like so much to do with so many demands from all people in their lives.


Hayden and Jackson are facing what so many in the world are facing right now- lots to do with a perceived view of not enough time. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day tend to be hectic, over scheduled, filled with many appointments that are more for goodwill vs. conducting business, if your contacts even have time for you.


Hayden and Jackson need to do one big thing in the remaining days of the year- slow down to speed up. Yes, we know this sounds like it shouldn’t work, but let’s figure out why. If you need a more in-depth review of slow down to speed up as it relates to your prospects, listen to its own episode.

  • Take some time to put together you list of action items. Figure out what absolutely must get done in your days remaining. This is not a to-do list, but a list of all items that you think must get done. You can put personal and professional tasks on it. Visualization can have a big impact on some people.
  • Stop rushing around just because it is a “busy time of the year.” Slow your thoughts down and ask yourself if any items that pop up aren’t on the above-mentioned list truly need to get done.
  • Slowing down to name your meetings and days will allow you to look at the rest of the year as a whole, not as individual transactions. Make a plan on how to accomplish your tasks that is effective and efficient.
  • We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but if you haven’t managed expectations and conversations with clients on hitting their yearly sales goals, it might be too late. Trying to squeeze water from a rock won’t happen. Be honest with yourself, your boss and your clients on these goals and expectations.
  • Check in on your mental health. The holidays can be brutal for some. Make sure you are keeping yourself fed, hydrated and talking to someone if you are struggling. So many times saying what you are afraid, hurting from or worried about can help you realize there isn’t as much to deal with.

Critical Thinking: 
What else would you add to this list? 

The Drill
Final Thought for the Morning:

Your Top 3 Goals & Tactics for the Week
LAST WEEK: Update us on how things went last week with your stated Goals and GD Tactics.
THIS WEEK: Please share your Top 3 Goals for this week and the GD tactics you plan to deploy. BONUS: What is your favorite holiday treat?

Photo by Sarah at Longwood Gardens.