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Positive Moment: Beliefs I Was Not Expecting

May 11, 2020 3:54:58 PM

Photo_2018-11-26_3_56_00_PM_2000xWell, we have all been dealing with this pandemic situation for about 50 days now, and I know we are all going crazy with the varying degrees of self-isolation. It does suck, and it is OK to go ahead and admit it. There is nothing like being free to go where you want to go when you want to go, and most of us never realized it until we could not exercise that freedom. But here we all are, still existing in this state of uncertainty and not knowing when the world will be less scary or intimidating.

As this milestone passes for me, I just wanted to say I am impressed as can be by all the creativity, commitment, stamina, flexibility, courage, and selflessness that I have observed over the last 8 weeks. I have learned to have a lot more respect for teachers, even more respect for the medical professionals, more faith in scientists, and more gratitude for the people doing the jobs that most people would not even consider doing. There is no need to share a list of people that I have lost respect for along this unscheduled journey. There is no need for that negativity here today.

What I regret, though, is that we needed something this enormous to inspire us all to see the general goodness in others, and to be tolerant of how we have all handled or struggled to handle this situation.

I do believe we will all be better for it.