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Positive Moment: The People Are Where The Magic Exists

May 13, 2020 5:13:25 PM

3a3c657342a4e54953ee6bd24de93fe9Another short message today as I have had two of my favorite people connect with me and catch up.

They both had other agendas, and that is more than fine with me, but they also shared their challenges and worries about their lives and their professions with me. Nothing feels better than being given the trust it takes to hear about them and the reality of their now. I do not know of anything I cherish more than being granted that gift by these two, special people. No other possession is more valuable than the trust someone shares with you. The conversations were overwhelmingly positive, and for that I am extremely grateful.

In a time where there is a great deal of negative energy out there, these people made some magic in my world today. If any of you have any you would like to share feel free to call.