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Positive Moment: Keep Rowing in Rough Seas

May 20, 2020 10:03:22 AM

Rowboat rough seasI have been negligent this past week about creating a Positive Moment post. The thick of thin things seemed to capture me and overcome my commitment for some reason. Maybe it was the pressure of coming up with an idea or analogy every single day that finally took me down. I just know I could not find the focus to sit and type.

Today I find myself at the keyboard again, contemplating my world and my challenges and the need to stay on point. My move back to the office, although I am still socially isolated, was refreshing and still buoys me when I hear others expressing the frustration of working from home. As a sole proprietor I can decide when and where to work no matter what the conditions around me. And yes, the economy looks bleak for me and most everyone else, but we cannot give in to despair.

The image or thought that is compelling me forward is that of being in a small boat out on stormy seas. I need to get back to the safety of shore, but shore eludes me no matter what effort I put in. In a way that explains the gap in writing: I was just tired and needed a break. A short break because I do not know when or where I will find landfall, so I must keep rowing in these rough seas. Accept that I will get tired and frustrated, but I will also grow stronger and more resilient through my efforts and commitment. This pain will foster some significant gains. Trust that to be true no matter how rough the seas and how long the journey.

Image from Small Boat Magazine